What’s unique about snorkelin?

Maybe at first glance at the product, it is not so understandable what is revolutionary about it. What are the essential benefits that differentiate it from other ways of snorkeling?

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Imagine that in the most amazing and beautiful fjord in Norway, You can see the view only from one trail which is full of sharp stones and bumps. Up in the fjord mountains. In addition, it is impossible to walk in that trail. Only running while being careful from the sharp stones and bumps is possible… And while doing so you suppose to enjoy the view of the fjord…

Why not just walk slowly in a comfortable trail. Sit and rest from time to time and enjoy the amazing and beautiful view of the fjord?

So back to snorkeling in the sea. Why not just snorkel in a comfortable, easy and calm way. Rest from time to time and enjoy much more the amazing and beautiful view of the sea?

The answer is simple: because before Snorkelin, you couldn’t do it…

Revolution to the snorkeling field

Snorkelin brings revolution to the snorkeling field. It makes snorkeling as not a sports activity, it makes snorkeling a joyful, easy and relaxing activity.

Maybe some will say that snorkelin is big and cumbersome to carry to the beach. But they are totally wrong because, Snorkelin is very lightweight, and the buoy almost has no weight.

In addition. Imagine your friend has to walk while carrying a bag, 10 miles on a very hot day under the sun. So you offer him to use your electric bike. But he says: I prefer to walk while carrying the bag because the bike is big and cumbersome.

The electric bike is not big and cumbersome. Despite their size and weight, they are very light. They save you the need and the effort of “cumbersome” walk on a very hot day under the sun.

That exactly whats snorkelin is doing to you while you snorkel at the sea. It saves you the need and the effort of tiring and disturbing constant fussing, in order to be able to breathe. Completely drop your head, arms, and legs and enjoy a wonderful experience of balanced buoyancy.

Snorkelin is like lying on a sea mattress. But instead of looking at the sky you are looking at the beautiful underwater view.

Besides the fact that with Snorkelin you can finally snorkel easily and calmly without physical effort. With Snorkelin you get more essential benefits that differentiate it from the other ways of snorkeling. Like full face snorkel mask or the traditional snorkel tube. In the table below you can see some of the snorkelin benefits:

Full face snorkel mask
Regular snorkel
Automatically balanced buoyancy
Full breath at every head movement or angle
Without cumbersome device on the head
Completely without water entry
Emptying water easily by hand-lifting, no need for emptying valve
Flip easily and float in rest
Snorkeling easily and calmly in wavy sea
Easy to use, no experience or skill needed

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