Snorkeling for fun, not sport

The concept of snorkeling not as a sport, but rather as a fun, relaxing, and intriguing activity is what the vast majority of snorkelers have in mind when they embark on the activity.

This is basically what snorkeling was all about from the beginning, other than when people, such as free divers deliberately plan to do it as a part of their sport activity. Or scuba divers, which sometimes assisted snorkel to arrange their equipment in the water.

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All the other snorkeling gear

The problem is that the snorkeling gear that has existed until now – including both the traditional snorkel set with mask and tube and the new full-face snorkel mask – does not really allow snorkeling to be just a fun, relaxing and intriguing activity.

Many tutorials and explanations that teach how to snorkel in the sea advise the user to try to be as calm as possible while snorkeling. But in reality, even if you are very experienced and skilled in snorkeling, you still have to keep yourself afloat, while raising your heavy head to keep the upper part of the snorkel tube above the water in order to be able to breathe. All of this must be done together with a cumbersome snorkel device that clings to your head.

So, with either the new full-face snorkel mask or the traditional snorkel set, only skilled users can enjoy this partial “relaxing position.” But what about all the rest? That is the vast majority of the underwater landscape lovers.

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Why not use a snorkel vest?

So if it’s all about floating, why not just use a good snorkel vest or buoy? Especially if you are an unskilled snorkeling user. Well, no doubt a snorkel vest or buoy is a big advantage and the preferred way to do snorkeling because it is safer and no effort needs to be made to stay afloat.

But with a snorkel vest or buoy, the main problem still exists. You still have a cumbersome snorkel device clinging to your head, and you still have to float your heavy head by yourself while raising it to keep the upper part of the snorkel tube above the water, so you can breathe.

Added to this is the problem of wanting to dive deeper into the water and then return to the surface.

Another disadvantage is that the snorkel vest is completely around your body, so that even when you float vertically and try to rest, your body is not in a steady position and it is hard to take off the mask, arrange it, let your face rest and then put it back on.

The snorkel vest, as good as it may be, is not an integral part of your snorkel tube and mask, and it will burden you in many ways as you snorkel in the sea.

The new unique snorkel gear

Snorkelin has revolutionized the snorkeling field. It makes snorkeling a fun activity, and not necessarily a sport. It brings to the vast majority of the fans of underwater life a new and better way to have a relaxing and intriguing time snorkeling with no skills or experience needed.

With Snorkelin, the user has the freedom to move their head naturally, in or out of the water, without a clumsy device that clings, presses, and burdens the head.

There is no need for a constant tiring and disturbing fussing to lift and hold the heavy head weight in order to breathe.
The user can completely drop their head, arms, and legs and enjoy a wonderful experience of balanced buoyancy.

The buoy, which is an integral part of the snorkeling device, always holds the upper part of the snorkel tube above the water and allows the user to float effortlessly, offering the chance for real relaxation.

All this, as well as an easy option to completely disengage from the buoy and dive comfortably, without a clumsy snorkel device sitting on your head, and to then easily reconnect.

With this new inventive snorkel gear, the vast majority of underwater view fans can finally do snorkeling…

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