Resting in a vertical position with Snorkelin

While using this unique snorkel gear in the sea, there is absolutely no entry of water into the snorkel tube. This is because of the buoy, which always holds the upper part of the tube above water level, in any sea condition.

Snorkelin is the only kind of snorkel set that lets you rest and completely drop your head, arms, and legs, to enjoy the wonderful experience of balanced buoyancy while being in a horizontal position.

But even so, sometimes while using Snorkelin at sea, you may want to change to a vertical position and enjoy a wonderful rest while floating in the water in a sitting position.

Vertical float with unique snorkel gear

While resting in a vertical position with Snorkelin you can clean and arrange the snorkel mask, converse with snorkeling colleagues, and, in case you disconnected earlier from the snorkel and water has entered your tube, empty the water easily by simply lifting your hand.

Anyway, it is very fun while snorkeling, from time to time, to float at rest in the middle of the sea in a sitting position while removing the snorkel mask and looking around.

Snorkelin is a unique snorkel set that gives you that ability in a very easy way. To do so, your hands and feet need to move a little like the doggy paddle. You push the water with your hands to raise your head and, at the same time, move your legs in the form of a bicycle pedal movement.

After moving into a vertical position, the buoy can push you back into the water to a horizontal position. In order to stay in the vertical position, you continue slowly and gently to do a bicycle pedal movement or lie back until you are almost lying on your back on the water.

User manual into vertical position

Another great option is to use the Snorkelin Companion buoy, which is an accompanying buoy that can be easily attached to the snorkel strap. It will follow you from the side while you snorkel, without interfering. It gives you more options to rest and just have fun.

We’ll soon provide more details and info about using the Snorkelin Companion, in a new post.

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