I and my dear family love to go to the beach. During the summer of 2012, While I was spending time with my 3 girls at the beach, my daughters came to me with a snorkel tube they found and asked me: what is it?

At this moment I got a flashback to 40 years back, when I was a boy who loved the sea very much. This summer, my dad decided to surprise me for my birthday and bought me a very special gift: a high-quality snorkel with a mask. And not just a simple snorkel, but a special patented snorkel with an airball at the top that blocks the water inlet as soon as the tube enters the water.

I was so excited about the gift and waited with anticipating for the moment we would go to the sea so I could finally see the beauty of the underwater world. We drove to the beach that had a breakwater, the sea was calm and a little bit wavy. I already knew how to swim, but this was the first time I tried snorkeling.

After so much excitement and anticipation, I was hit with disappointment… I didn’t expect the device to be so uncomfortable, cumbersome and difficult to use. During that trip to the sea, the snorkel tube was left aside and I and my older brother continued watching the underwater only with the mask. It was the first and the last time we used the snorkel tube.

And now, 40 years later, still, there is no easy snorkeling equipment to use. even though we are a family that lives by the sea and goes to the beach a lot, I never planned to buy snorkels for my daughters, because I knew they won’t use it… The vast majority of parents of my daughter’s friends don’t buy snorkels and I’m not surprised that my daughters didn’t even know what was this strange tube they found.

At this moment Snorkelin was born. Even though I’m not familiar with this field, I could not stop thinking about the fact that with all the progress we live in, there is still no easy and convenient way in which I or my daughters can snorkel effortlessly, there is no easy way to enjoy peacefully the wonderful underwater life. I’ve become obsessed, I had to find a way to bring this possibility into the world.

In the beginning, my line of thought was like the line of thought of many others before me. To float the top of the snorkel tube regularly above the water with the help of a buoy that is not connected to the user and follows him. Out from that buoy comes a lengthening tube and eventually connects to the user’s mouth.

After researching and delving into the matter, I understood that there are dangers, complexities, and problems in this line of thought, and it would actually not work.

Despite the many attempts over the years to improve the quality of the snorkeling equipment and the snorkeling experience, such as a full snorkel mask or snorkel tube designs in various shapes, we are still with the same uncomfortable and limited form that requires effort with a cumbersome device on the head just like 40 years ago.

Because of those limitations and insights and fervent effort to find a solution, the idea of Snorkelin was born, and with it came the enthusiasm to build the first prototype.

The idea is that the same buoy will do two things simultaneously: it will hold the snorkeling tube permanently above the water and at the same time it will be attached to the user at sea level, so that his body will automatically float in a balanced manner, with no effort.

It was already autumn and there were only a few days left where it is still possible to enter the sea. I rushed and built a very simplistic prototype, just to test the feasibility of the idea and to know if there is a reason to keep going.

An inflated tire inner tube that will serve as a buoy, along with some improvised ropes that connect both me and the improvised snorkel.

It was already cold and wavy at the sea but I did not give up and entered with this improvised prototype into the water. As soon as I entered everything was clear to me… Once again I got a flashback to 40 years ago when I was a kid who entered the water with a regular snorkel and I suddenly realized that I have a lot of reasons to keep going. I have to procreate this idea to a product that everyone can use and enjoy.

From that day on, I devoted myself to this important mission. I took a huge risk because I had very little financial means, but I decided to invest all the money and everything I had into the development of Snorkelin.

In the following summer, I created a new homemade cumbersome prototype for further feasibility studies and research on the matter. After this summer, I had already begun to build prototypes with a large financial investment and with the guidance of engineers, professionals, and workshops.

I purchased the equipment and organized a workshop at my home. In fact, it was a mold making factory, 3D printing, and plastic injection molding.

And so for the next five years, I continued to build more and more prototypes. I have invested a lot of resources and time into learning and researching the field, with many trials at the sea, which led me to clear insights into how the final product should be built and look like.

Together with a team of professionals: product designer, engineer, and production manager, we have worked on this unique snorkeling equipment and developed the final product. We fulfill the dream of giving the world the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling without the need for skill. An easy and calm way without physical effort, without any water entry and breathing difficulties and many other significant benefits.

Anyone who loves the underwater world and wants to experience watching magical sights with Snorkelin, will be surprised by the freedom to snorkel and will fall in love with simplicity and charm.

The motivation and enthusiasm that started the product development in 2012, continues to inspire the team to work on the Snorkelin development story with more new developments and ideas.