Snorkelin is a much more fun and easy way to experience the underwater world. Snorkeling without the need for sportive activity and physical endurance.

Snorkeling without constant fuss to allow breathing.
Snorkeling without the need for skill.
Even with an undulating sea, experience the underwater world peacefully, easily and calmly with easy and high-quality breathing.

To be automatically in a balanced buoyancy position without any need to operate any organ in the body. And more…

The idea behind snorkelin is to develop an innovative product that gives the user all the benefits and is still simple, cheap and very easy to use.

We are excited to bring this new product to all sea lovers. It’s our mission to allow everyone this innovative and unique snorkeling experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to give an engaging, exciting and fun connection between the man and the wonderful underwater nature.

There are years of investment, research and development behind the idea and the product. The motivation and enthusiasm through which the development of the product has began in 2012, continues today and this is the factor which pushes us to continue to develop and improve Snorkelin.

Snorkelin is a registered patent in the United States, Australia, and Israel.

Meet the team behind Snorkelin:

Cheinan Polak

CEO, Founder, Designer
Expert in product design, programming and conceptual development

Tomer Paz

Product designer
Industrial Design Specialist, Product Design, SolidWorks Research, idea. material characterization and product manufacturing
Web Site

Ziv Rotem-Bar

Production Manager
Expert in procurement and project management processes in China. Design, branding and product development
Web Site

Noam Polak

Mechanical Engineer
Expert in design product parts, prototype manufacturing, preparing product for production. Specializes in diving and water sports