Snorkelin is a brand new, incredibly fun and easy way to experience the underwater world. Best of all, anyone can do it, as it requires no athletic background or level of physical endurance.

It offers multiple essential benefits: the ability to snorkel without constantly fussing with your equipment so you can breathe… the ability to snorkel without any prior skill or experience… an opportunity to experience the underwater world in peace, with easement and unobstructed breathing – even in wavy seas… the pleasure of snorkeling in a comfortable, balanced and buoyant position – all provided automatically by the Snorkelin device… and much more.

The best thing about Snorkelin is that it provides all these benefits and innovations in a product that is affordable, ecological, and very easy to use.

Our entire team is very excited to bring this game-changing product to all sea lovers. We see it as our mission to make Snorkelin and the unique snorkeling experience it provides available to everyone. We are grateful for the opportunity to foster an engaging, exciting and truly fun connection between people and the wonderful world of underwater nature.

The concept of Snorkelin first appeared in 2012, and subsequently drove us through many years of investment, research and development to arrive at the innovative product we offer today. That same motivation continues to push us forward, as we work hard to develop and improve Snorkelin.

Snorkelin is a registered patent in the United States, Australia, and Israel.

Meet the team behind Snorkelin:

Cheinan Polak

CEO, Founder, Designer
Expert in product design, programming and conceptual development

Tomer Paz

Product designer
Industrial design specialist, product design, SolidWorks research, material characterization and product manufacturing.
Web Site

Ziv Rotem-Bar

Production Manager
Expert in procurement and project management in China, as well as design, branding and product development
Web Site

Noam Polak

Mechanical Engineer
Expert in product part design, prototype manufacturing and preparing product for production. Specialist in diving and water sports.