Disconnecting from and reconnecting to Snorkelin

How about a great unique option that allows snorkelers, while in the water, to disconnect and dive deeper into the water without a clumsy snorkel device clinging to their head? One that lets them swim only with the mask and then easily back, to reconnect?

Unlike Snorkelin, when using all other snorkeling gear, it is not possible to disconnect and swim only with the mask. You always have to hold the clumsy snorkel device, which clings to your head, while pushing into the water long snorkel tube or a cumbersome full-face snorkel mask full of air.

Snorkelin gives you the great advantage of a snorkel tube held by the buoy, instead of your head. At the same time, it offers you the easy option of completely disengaging from the buoy, to dive comfortably – without a clumsy snorkel device sitting on your head –  and to then easily reconnect.

What’s fun is that after you disconnect, you have a docking station waiting for you at the water level. This lets you float and rest, or dive comfortably, without a clumsy snorkel device sitting on your head.

Whenever you want, you can easily reconnect to the snorkel and continue viewing the underwater scene from the water’s surface. You’ll find yourself yet again automatically balanced and buoyant, able to completely drop your head, arms, and legs and enjoy the wonderful experience of calm snorkeling.

Will the snorkel buoy go too far?

The answer is simple: no, it will not. If you dive deeper into the water while holding your breath, as would an average normal swimmer, for between 1 and 2 minutes, the buoy will not go too far. But if you are a professional freediver who dives for longer, then you have to plan your dive so that when you come back up to water level, the buoy will not be too far.

Of course, the snorkel buoy will not stay exactly in the same position. It will move a bit and if you are diving for a longer time it will move a bit more. But even in a wavy sea, it will not move too far and you will be able to reach the buoy very easily.

Connecting back to the snorkel

After disconnecting, it is very easy to reconnect to Snorkelin in the water. You need to get yourself behind the buoy and hold both of the strap edges, using both hands – the left strap with the left hand and the right strap with the right hand. While doing so, push your body forward under the buoy without loosening your grip on the straps.

After your body is in the right position under the buoy, just attach the straps around your body. Then, to empty water from the tube, move into a vertical floating position and empty the water easily, by lifting up the tube with your hand.

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