A brand-new snorkeling experience

Meet the new way to snorkel. Snorkelin is the culmination of eight years of research and development. This patented and innovative method of snorkeling is way more fun than you ever imagined, with essential benefits that increase your snorkeling enjoyment.

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Calm and balanced Snorkeling

Ready for the most convenient, easy and fun way to snorkel? The Snorkelin buoy rests on your back, holding the top of your snorkel tube above the water while ensuring convenient access to the tube’s lower part. Best of all, you can easily and quickly disconnect the buoy, dive freely without a clumsy device on your head, and then reconnect, for the best snorkeling experience ever.

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Snorkelin’s Main Advantages:

Finally – the easy, calm and effortless way to snorkel

Snorkelin is the only method that lets you fully enjoy the underwater view without physical effort. The device’s buoy supports all of your weight, while holding the upper part of the snorkel tube above the water.

Say goodbye to neck and head strain

Tired of the constant and difficult effort to lift your head, each time you need to breathe? With Snorkelin, you can completely drop your head, arms, and legs and enjoy the wonderful experience of balance and total buoyancy.

Head gear so light and streamlined, you’ll forget it’s there

With the snorkel tube held in place by a buoy instead of your head, you’ll love the freedom you get, to move your head naturally, in or out of the water. That’s right – no cumbersome device on your head, protruding tube or burdensome mask.

Move your head freely in all directions with no water entry

Snorkelin lets you move your head any way you desire, while keeping the water out of your tube. You’ll breathe easily, with no obstruction, and enjoy a much larger field of vision - all in maximum comfort

Enjoy effortless floating and balancing – the device does it all

Forget having to keep yourself balanced at sea level, in order to float and breathe. Snorkelin automatically keeps you perfectly balanced and buoyant at sea level, in all sea conditions.

Snorkel easily in any sea condition, keeping all water out

Tired of water entering your tube when the waves get rough? With Snorkelin, the buoy always holds the snorkel tube above the water, keeping you balanced at sea level, ensuring an easy, comfortable and calm experiencing with no water entry.

So easy to use: no experience, practice or skill needed

Snorkelin is a modular device, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. Just strap on the buoy, put the snorkel in your mouth and start enjoying the highest quality snorkeling you have ever experienced.

Dual wide valves ensure constant high-quality fresh air

Snorkelin’s two one-way wide breathing valves, one for inhaling and one for exhaling, and both with wide tubes, are positioned right next to your mouth.

Disconnect easily to dive with freedom and ease

Since Snorkelin’s tube is attached to the buoy on your back, you can easily disengage completely and dive to your heart’s content, with no clumsy snorkel device sitting on your head. Ready to reconnect? Done in seconds and you’re ready to continue snorkeling.

Easily empty water

No more winding yourself, blowing into a valve to empty water from the tube. With Snorkelin, you just lift your hand and the tube is emptied.

Flip and float – easy as can be

Whatever the sea’s conditions, Snorkelin’s special design lets you easily flip onto your back to enjoy a rest, clean your mask, or chat with your snorkeling companions.

Snorkel more safely, and enjoy it longer

With the Snorkelin buoy supporting all of your weight, you’ll find the new snorkeling experience so effortless, restful and relaxing, you may never want to stop.

Revolutionary new snorkeling device

Snorkelin, the new way to snorkel, is constantly evolving to provide sea and snorkel lovers around the world an enhanced underwater experience – safely, easily and inexpensively, with no need for complex or expensive equipment.