Meet the right way to snorkel
Finally enjoy snorkeling without physical effort
Meet the easiest way to snorkel
Finally without a cumbersome device attached to the head
Meet the most enjoyable way to snorkel
Finally without water inlet, in any sea condition
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A new experience of Snorkeling

Snorkelin is a new way to snorkel. It is a product of development and research that started back in 2012. Snorkelin is a registered patent. This innovative method, make snorkeling experience much higher quality and fun, Giving the user many essential benefits

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Calm and balanced Snorkeling

A buoy attached to the user while holding the snorkel tube with its top above water, and its lower part conveniently accessible to the user, is the most convenient, easy, calm and fun snorkeling form. Along with the easy quick option to disconnect, dive freely without a clumsy device on the head and reconnect

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Snorkelin Main Advantages:

Finally, snorkel easily and calmly without physical effort

The only way to calmly concentrate on the underwater view without physical effort. All user's weight is flooded by the buoy which always holds snorkel tube upper part above the water

No need to lift and hold the heavy head weight in order to breathe

No tiring and disturbing constant fussing, in order to be able to breathe. Completely drop your head, arms, and legs and enjoy a wonderful experience of balanced buoyancy

Without cumbersome device on the head, protrude tube or large mask

One of the great advantages of snorkel tube held by the buoy instead of the user's head, is the freedom to move the head naturally, in or out of the water, without a clumsy device that clings, presses and burdens the head

Move your head freely in all directions without any water inlet

With Snorkelin you can move your head freely at any angle and direction you desire, without any water inlet or breath blocking. always breathe easily and see a much larger area with maximum comfort

Float automatically, fully balanced without having to operate your hands and feet

No tiring effort for balancing the body at sea level in order to float and breathe. The body is automatically in balanced buoyancy at sea level, in any sea conditions

Snorkeling easily and calmly in the wavy sea without any water inlet

In any sea conditions, also in a very undulating sea, the buoy always holds the snorkel tube above the water while floods the user in balanced buoyancy at sea level, which make snorkeling easily, comfortably, calmly and without any water inlet

Very easy to use, no experience or skill needed

Snorkelin is ergonomically and modular designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. Wear the buoy with the cling strap, put the snorkel in your mouth and start to enjoy the highest snorkeling quality

High-quality fresh air-breathing with valves in both directions

With Snorkelin, the user gets fresh air, by using a pair of one-way breathing valves located near the user's mouth, one for inlet and one for the outlet.

Easy breathing with wide tubes and large breathing valves near the user's mouth

Another great advantage of holding the snorkel tube by the buoy, is very wide breathing tubes and large breathing valves, without clumsiness on the head, giving the user much easier, relaxed and healthy breathing experience

Disconnect easily and dive without a clumsy device on the head

Another great advantage of holding the snorkel tube by the buoy, is the easy option to completely disengage from the buoy and dive comfortably, without a clumsy snorkel device sitting on your head and easily back reconnect

Emptying water easily by hand-lifting, without need for tiring exhalations into an emptying valve

Flip easily and float in rest

Under any sea conditions, easily flip over and rest at ease while removing, cleaning and arranging the mask or exchanging impressions with snorkeling colleagues

Safer snorkeling for much longer

In Snorkelin the buoy which floats all the user's weight is an integral part of the snorkeling device, giving the user less effort and a constant possibility of rest and relaxation

Revolutionary new snorkeling form

Snorkelin, the new way to snorkel, which will continue to evolve and will give worldwide sea and snorkel lovers a special and greater ability to enjoy the wonderful sea world. Snorkeling safe, easy and cheap, without the need for complex and expensive equipment