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26th of November 2019
Finnaly first 500 snorkels…

I am very excited. In about 2 months the first series of the final snorkelin product is going to be produced. After that, it will be ready for marketing.

In a few days, we will receive the last parts samples. If everything is OK we will activate the first snorkelin Production line.

After many years of development with a lot of prototypes. And after a lot of snorkel testing in the sea. We are moving into the world of marketing with the final product.

This is going to be very unique and exciting because we are introducing to the world a new kind of revolutionary unknown product.

Although more and more people are developing a passion for water sports. And snorkeling is one of the most fun and popular water activity.

And although people that will snorkel with snorkelin are going to be surprised how quality, easy and fun it is and will become our best “salesmen”.

It can be very hard to find the right channel to use in order to spread awareness of the product.

What is the best Marketing Strategies for our Product Launch? well… we have some ideas and we are going to try different kinds. Hopefully sooner or later, we will find the best answers.

Till then you are more than invited to share the new gospel or contact us about any marketing idea or feedback you have.

At the same time, we start the marketing of the product. We are going to move for the next step in developing the next generation of snorkeling products. That’s another good thing about the final snorkelin product being produced.

A big advantage of this unique product comper to the regular snorkel and the full face mask snorkel is the many developments and enhancement options this product allows.

We are looking forward to bring to the sea snorkeling lovers even more fun and easy possibilities. So again till then. You are more than invited to share or contact us about any ideas or feedback you have.

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